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History of Military Units in Columbia County, FL (1970) Robert Gary Shields

                                                      MILITIA ORGANIZATION

                             The Territorial Legislature of 1827 had passed a Militia Law

                       authorizing the organization of Militia Regiments, but due to the
                        sparse population and presence of U. S. Troops, no organization
                       was attempted until after the Seminole War erupted in 1835. In

                        1839, the First Regiment, Florida Volumteers, had taken the field
                       under Colonel William Bailey of Jefferson County. This regiment is
                        recorded as "Mounted Volunteers", more generally referred to, as

                       was customary then, as,rBailey's Regiment". The theater of operations
                        is recorded as including North and East Florida between Tallahassee
                        and St. Augustine and South to Newmansville ( 2 miles North East of

                        the present town of Alachua ). An old cemetery there is being well
                       preserved^sy local residents and contains the graves of many

                       prominent citizens of that time. That the service of this regiment .
                        required arduous travel is witnessed by this entry in their record;
                        " Tallahassee, Oct. 15, 20, 1840, horses failed from hard service".

                             It was probably the need to divide the wide territory that led
                        to the immediate organization of the Second Regiment,* Florida


                             Francis L. Dancy, Lt. Colonel of Bailey's Regiment, was

                        discharged from that organization with the following remarks;
                        " Was discharged as Lt. Col. in Bailey's Regiment, Nov. 23, 1840,

                        near San Pedro, 176 miles from home ( St. Augustine ) Have been on
                        duty from Nov. 24, 1840, in raising and organizing the 2nd. Reg."
                        San Pedro was a community, 'no longer known by that name, situated

                        west of the great swamp, San Pedro Bay, Between the towns of
                        Greenville and Perry.

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