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History of Military Units in Columbia County, FL (1970) Robert Gary Shields


                                  military history of COLUMBIA COUNTY


                          After 6 months of searching,researching, begging,crying and cursing,
                    we have finally come up with, a rought draft of the history of the

                    military units from Columbia County.

                          Before we produce the final draft we would like to have you review

                    the enclosed and provide us with your'comments, additions, deletions,
                    and corrections. We are sure tha£ we have left out a lot of important
                    and interesting information, but we have written only what we were able

                    to find out.

                          We hope the final product will be something which we can all be

                    proud of, so please give us your help.

                                                                  Very truly yours,

                                                                  Robert Gary Shields, SSGl

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