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History of Military Units in Columbia County, FL (1970) Robert Gary Shields

                                            HISTORY OF MILITARY UNITS
                                               IN COLUMBIA COUNTY

                             Since 1835, when men of the 1st. U. S. Dragoon Regiment, U. S.
                        Infantry were operating in this area, many thousands of local men-

                       have worn uniforms in defense of their homes, families, State and

                             It was felt that some attempt should be made to gather, organize,
                       and summarize the available facts on these men and their units. We
                       wish to point out that, since our main goal is to compile the facts,

                       much of the information contained herein has been extracted from
                       various sources without modification on our part. We hope no one

                       will feel that we have plagiarized their words.

                             The information reflected herein was obtained from the following
                             Retired Brigadier General Robert B. Harkness

                             Retired Master Sergeant Cecil W. Register              *
                             Retired CWO Leonard J. Witt
                             Colonel Floyd L. Kennon, Jr.

                             May Vinzant Perkins
                             Members of the Staff - Department of Military Affairs -

                                   Office of the Adjutant General - State Arsenal - St. Augustine, ]
                                   1) Col. Rooks 2) Maj. Mosley 3) CWO Colee 4) Mrs. Robshaw
                             Lake City Reporter, Lake City, Florida
                             Soldiers of Florida, ^Prepared & published under the supervision of

                                   the Board of State Institutions. As authorized by Chapter 2203
                                   Laws of Florida, Approved May 14, 1903

                              James Y. Wilson
                              Official Military Records

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