Page 7 - 1961 Tomahawk
P. 7

------ ~~ tlte  et~d


                  In our passing this way each of us has had experiences that are individual while all of us  have
             had experiences that are  the same.  As we have gathered our memories, we have visited land-
             marks along the way.  Some of these are physical and can be revisited; others are emotional and
             must be recalled by turning our thoughts backward into time.  All are cherished and will become
             even more cherished as the years go by.
                  The Class of  1961proudlypresents its edition of the  TOMAHAWK as a  landmark recording
             some of the highlights of their travels. It is hoped that this record will furnish return visits for
             others,  now and tomorrow, as they turn the pages of this travelog.

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