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                                                                                               IN  NEW  BECINNINCS  OF  A
                                                                                        NEW  MILLENIUM.  STUDENTS  AND
                                                                                        STAFF OF  COLUMBIA  COUNTY FELT  A
                                                                                        CREA T CHANCE  IN  THEIR  HEARTS.
                                                                                        NEVER  EXPERIENCEINC  THE  HARD
                                                                                        WORK  AND  ANTICIPATION  OF  AN
                                                                                        INNAUCURAL  YEAR  MADE  IT
                                                                                        DIFFICULT  FOR  FT. WHITE  CITIZENS
                                                                                        TO  VISUALIZE  THE  JOY  AHEAD.  THE
                                                                                        JOY OF CETTINC A NEW SCHOOL WITH
                                                                                        ALL  MODERN  EQUIPMENT. THE  JOY
                                                                                        OF HA VINC SPORTS THE FIRST YEAR.
                                                                                        AND  THE  JOY  OF  THE  FIRST  HICH
                                                                                        SCHOOL YEARBOOK IN OVER 30 YEARS
                                                                                        KEPT  THE  STUDENTS.  STAFF.  AND
                                                                                        FAMILIES  WORKINC  HARD  TO  MAKE
                                                                                        THIS YEAR A CREA T SUCCESS. ADDINC
                                                                                        SCHOOLS  MEANT  COLUMBIA  COUNTY
                                                                                        WOULD DECIDE TO MAKE VARIATIONS
                                                                                        IN TIME FOR HICH SCHOOL STUDENTS.
                                                                                        THIS  MEANT  SLEEPINC  IN  AN  HOUR
            The beg•nn•ng of our school year takes a detour as we temporanly stop by the portables.
                                                                                        LATER SINCE SCHOOL NOW BECAN AT
                                                                                        9:00  A.M.  THIS  WOULD  ALLOW  BUS
                                                                                        DRIVERS  TO  RUN  MORE  THAN THEIR
                                                                                        ·usuAL· ROUTES.  ALLOWINC SCHOOLS
                                                                                        TO  START LATER  ALSO  WAS  A MOVE
                                                                                        TO REMOVE SOME STUDENT ABSENCES.
                                                                                        ALLOWINC  SCHOOL  TO START LATER
                                                                                        WAS  A FACTOR  IN  BETTER  SCHOOL
                                                                                        ATTENDANCE.  THIS  YEAR  THE
                                                                                        CITIZENS OF COLUMBIA COUNTY ALSO
                                                                                        COT  THE  FIRST  TASTE  OF  WHAT  IT
                                                                                        IS  LIKE  TO  LOVE  TWO  FOOTBALL
                                                                                        TEAMS  AS  THE  FT. WHITE  INDIANS
                                                                                        COT A NEW VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM
                                                                                        TO  CO  ALONC  WITH  A NEW  SCHOOL.
                                                                                               SO  MANY  CHANCES  THIS
                                                                                        YEAR HAVE KEPT COLUMBIA COUNTY
                                                                                        ON  IT'S  FEET.  NEW  SCHOOLS.  NEW
                                                                                        TIME.  AND  A NEW  FOOTBALL  TEAM
                                                                                        WERE  DEFINITELY  NEW  BECINNINCS
                                                                                        OF  A NEW  MILLENIUM  NO  ONE  WILL
                                                                                        EVER  FORCET.
                                                                                        -SHANNON  SHAW

            The new beg•nn1ng of the new school year 1n  the new school got put on a new schedule as we wa•t  for new contractors to f•msh 1n bme
            for the new year

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