Page 7 - 1988 Falcon
P. 7

Greg   '  eal, Jo  Ben  Rob  rt  ,  and  Tr  nt   M   L  nda  Pue  chel  how  off h  r  new
                                           G1ebe1g  po  e  for  the  camera  after  the  puit   pink  cooter.
                                           Week  p  p  rally  at  We  t  Campu

                                           Left,  Mr  . Joann  Chamb  rlin  congratulate   Angela  Bennet  and  Am  D  kl  turn  for  a
                                           Cand}   1ew!C  h  for  winning  a   a  ing   urpn  e  nap  h<>t  b}  Kn  Robin  on.
                                           Bond  on  Con  tltution  Da}

                                           Mr  Rebecca  Mo ele}  mile  near  her  por-
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